Worship and Praise God

The deepest level of worship is praising God, in spite of pain, giving thanks during trials, trusting Him when tempted to lose hope, and loving God when it seems He’s so distant and far away.  At our lowest, God is our hope and at my darkest hour.  He is my light.  When we are weak, … [Read more…]

Church Silver Anniversary & Pastor 17th

In May, 2017, Tabernacle African Universal Church, Inc., celebrated their 25th anniversary and Christian Fellowship African Universal Churches No. 1 and 2, Tagum City, Philippines 5th year anniversary during the 17th annual Spring Revival and Workshop.  It may not have been noticeable to the local community, yet it was a success because we focused attention … [Read more…]

Superintendent 2nd Music Recital

In July, church school superintendent Pauline Keyes continues to advance in music by participating in Music Time annul music recital.  Students of all ages, gender and ethnicity demonstrate their skills in voice, wind, percussions and string.  Ms. Keyes said, ” I’m learning to play music so that I can play for my church.”  Ms. Keyes … [Read more…]

Day of Pentecost

There is a holy day to be celebrated that many Christians do not know or have never been taught. Most celebrate “Christmas”.  However, Christmas is not in scriptures, never taught by Christ Disciples, or the Apostles.  Easter is pagan with its origins in fertility worship. The Holy day referred to in this text was told and … [Read more…]

He Paid for Our Sins

Overseer and Pastor Rev. Robert Keyes provided clear insight as to who is the one that forgive all our sins, past, present and future.  For more details, select the the Pastor’s Corner just below ‘News and Events’ from the menu at the top of this web page.

African Universal Church, West Park Celebrates

African Universal Church, Inc., West Park, Florida celebrated their pastor’s 31st year anniversary.  Rev. Dr. Andrew Lane, Sr., celebration started  on Wednesday, January 11th and concluded on Sunday evening, January 15th.  Visiting ministers delivered words of inspiration nightly.  A banquet was held on January 14th, 3 PM, at a local restaurant.  Sunday, Evangelist Carmen Draughn … [Read more…]

Church No. 2 Completes Annual Celebration

He is never short of having a celebratory spirit and with joy and blessings from the Lord, Pastor Regino Indong celebrated Thanksgiving of Christ in December 2016.  This annual event coincides with and is identical with Christmas celebration, however only the name is different, but the intent is the same.  For more information and view … [Read more…]

Church No. 1 Celebrates in the Philippines

Pastor Malaquias Galing of Christian Fellowship African Universal Church No. 1 in the Philippines has been very busy with joy and celebration.  In December, a member accepted Christ and they all celebrated.  In addition, the church celebrated the annual Thanksgiving of Christ.  This has bee a joyous occasion and lots of celebration with gifts and … [Read more…]